Selected Works

Orchestra/Large Ensemble

2021 – The Myth of Bertie and Bella (ca 9.30′)
Commissioned by Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra for Ensemble 10/10 to be performed at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool, 6th October 2021 conducted by Robert Ames. (Rushworth Composition Prize commission )

2020 – Chaos / Reconciliation (Commission ca 8′)
Commissioned by the Brandenburgishes Staatsorchester to be performed at the Kleist Forum, Frankfurt in April 2022 conducted by Howard Griffiths.

2020/21 – Flashes of Light in a Hall of Mirrors (Commission ca 10′)
Commission for orchestra and tuba to be played at Dukes Hall, Royal Academy of Music in March 2022  by the Ernest Read Symphony Orchestra conducted by Chris Stark and featuring Grady Hassan.

2020 – Ignite (ca 7’)
Commissioned to be played at Dora Stoutzker Hall , Cardiff by Ignite Orchestra (postponed)

2020 – Eurythmia (ca 3’)
Orchestral Fanfare to be played at Dukes Hall, Royal Academy of Music in March 2022 by the Ernest Read Symphony Orchestra.

2019 – A Night of Dreams (ca 13’)
Performed at St. James Church, Paddington in February 2020 by the Campanella Orchestra

2019 – Conflicted Dreams (ca 5’)
Recorded by NYO in July 2019

2018 – Three Emotions (ca 5’)
Philomel Orchestra, performed at Newport Cathedral, March 2018

2018 – Running Breathless (ca 5’)
Purcell School Chamber Orchestra, Performed at Deal Festival June 2018


Chamber Music

2020 – Red Moon Rising (ca 8′)
Manson Ensemble, Royal Academy of Music

2019 – From Dusk till Dawn (ca 5’)
Mixed Ensemble

2019 – 5:6 (ca 5’)
Cello and Double Bass

2019 – Dark Ocean (ca 4’)
2019, Flute, Violin, Viola and Cello, performed at New Zealand House, London, July 2019

 2019 – A Journey Between Two Places (ca 5’)
Written as part of Spring NYO residence for Flute x2, Clarinet, Viola and Cello and performed at the Music Room of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic

2019 – Evolve (ca 4’)
Cello and Piano, performed at the King’s Lynn Festival in December 2019

2018 – Wind Quintet No. 1 (ca 5’)
Performed at Wigmore Hall, June 2019 and West Rd Concert Hall, Cambridge, October 2018

2018 – Indeterminate Form (ca 7’)
Percussion Trio, performed and recorded at the Purcell School, Feb 2018

2016/17 – Progeny (ca 5’)
Piano Trio, performed by the RNSO ensemble at  the New Auditorium, Glasgow in June 2017 and Bedford School, May 2017.

2014 – Conundrum (ca 3’)
Violin and Piano (Recording available)
Matin Hughes (violin) and Robert Thompson (piano)


Vocal Works

2020 – One Day (ca 5′)
Soprano, tenor and piano for Green Opera

2017 – Lady Lazarus (ca 11’)
Soprano and Piano, performed and recorded at the Purcell School, Jan 2018

2014 – Last Night I Heard the City Breathing (words by Andrew Fusek Peters) (ca 3’)
Baritone and Piano
(now also transposed for Tenor voice)

Works for Solo Instrument

2021 – Midwinter
Solo Cello (ca 5′)
Performed by Henry Hargreaves at St.James Church, Piccadilly, March 2021.